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Googly Eyes

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Googly Eyes


"...And then, there's Googly Eyes. Solo output from Public Housing/Dreams in Hell drummer Luke Stegall that takes licentious cues from Electric Eels, Pere Ubu and The Screamers to create 12 short bursts of shotshell dispersed energy. That dispersion comes in waves of synthesizer augmunted proto-punk anchored by Stegall's muscular rhythm-section, strangled saxophone courtesy of Jon Lorenz, fuckin' in the streets Motor City white dude funk, post-industrial hellscapes and bunged-up country-fried bedroom electronics. It is impossible not to react to this tape on a visceral level. A kind of automechanical steering wheel drumming, peeling out of your work in an inherited Volvo trying to remember how it felt to really feel it, that empty liberation that comes after double-timed drum track pounded way too hard on a kit too small while sweat soaked through your cotton poly-blend shirt. Get googly."

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